Creative communication works only if it sells.

And often the side street is the most direct route.
The one that displaces you, where there is less of a crowd and it’s more memorable.

And eventually the content needs a shape
that you want to see, understand, remember, love.

across borders

The power of communications is ideas. And ideas are boundless.
There are no boundaries between above the line and below the line.
There is no separate digital communication from the traditional off-line one.
There are no events that do not require communications. If an idea is truly global, it also works locally.


For twenty years we exported Italian creativity to Central Europe.
Some of the most popular and most beloved communication campaigns in the Czech Republic bear our signature.
Today we are an advertising agency with its heart in Milan, its engine in Prague and its horizon throughout Europe.

without borders

Ideas are the core of our job.
Around them there is a made-to-measure advertising agency service,
which coordinates the right skills to communicate in a way that best fits each client’s needs.

Digital, TV, print, outdoor, Web, social networks, Web TV, events.